Monday, September 21, 2009

Hearing Mute Seeks Teaching Position

I don't put my real name on the internet, so you probably don't realize that this is me. I was an award-winning member of a  lunchtime Toastmasters club  & a professional singer and storyteller  too.  I now have permanent nerve damage to the right side of my face so I'm brushing  up on my sign language.  I wonder if there's a Toastmasters group for mutes?  I can speak, but the pain is excruciating, so I've learned to limit my smiling, laughing, talking and even eating. It's been great for my diet!

  Apparently my teaching career is now a washout. The union says there aren't any jobs for non-speaking teachers. Here's my top 10 list of :

Reasons I Would be a Great Teacher for Your School.

(in addition to my 17 years seniority!)

1. Quieter Staff meetings. Wouldn't it be great to have a staff member who actually listens?

2. Increased School Profile. You could have one of the few choirs that signs & sings.

3. Quieter Classrooms. Everyone knows that a quiet teacher has quieter classrooms.

4. Detention Duty Supervisor - Would only crack a smile on pain of ..... well pain.

5. Novelty Conversation Starter for Principal Meetings.

6. Hard Worker : Less chatter = More work accomplished.

7. Increased Student Spelling & Reading Scores. My daughter's spelling has improved remarkably since having to read my signed words.

8. Decreased Payroll Expenditure: There ARE incentives for hiring differently-abled people.

9. Increased Student Values: Empathy, Appreciation, Self-Esteem

10. Great Role Model : Students see everyone can make Meaningful Valued Contributions in Life.