Monday, October 12, 2009

Open Auditions for Supporting Cast

The following script desperately needs a rewrite, but it will give you a rough idea of the role:

Image from HERE

Scene 1:

Thanksgiving Evening- Silent house. lone person lifts glass of  water in salute to computer screen. Holds magnifying glass to cell phone, punches in "Happy Thanksgiving". Hits "Send".

Scene 2:

5:30pm Mon. (Night  after Thanksgiving)

lone person punches a long series of numbers into a telephone

LP: Hi

Sis: I got your Thanksgiving message yesterday, but it was after 9, so we didn't bother to call you back in case you were sleeping. We spent the day with Marjorie, because we didn't want her to be lonely. We went to church in the morning and then we took her out to lunch.and went to her place. We went to Swiss chalet and had a wonderful meal. Are you There? Aren't you going to say anything?

LP: (Remembering  my Thanksgiving  glass of water) Hurts to talk.

Sis: YELLING Well then you're pretty useless aren't you! You can barely see either. I don't know why you think you'll be able to sell any Avon if you can't even see what it says in the book! And you can't talk to people! You shouldn't even be driving!

LP:  Just small print is hard.Online is OK  I can drive. (Thinking- I'm not deaf. I just can't talk)

Sis: YELLING How do you think you're going to be able to do anything?! The only people I see doing Avon is people making deliveries, making deliveries, making deliveries and selling to people they know.You have to talk to do that!

LP: There's  online stores.

Sis: You're thinking of starting a Red Hat group too! How are you going to do that? You've got to go places and talk to people for that!

LP: I joined online. I go places. (The Rd Hat group I was going to join filled up in two weeks)

Sis: YELLING You're totally useless. Do you hear me?! Totally useless!

LP: Someone's at the door (Silently Fuming- Yeah I hear you,Real loud and real clear.Thanks for your supportive pep talk I really appreciate how you're there for me now.  Funny how you used to be so different when I made good money, and could take you out for dinner, and buy you stuff for scrapbooking. Butter couldn't melt in your mouth then! )

Sis: Well, talk to you later.

LP: Bye. (Silent Fuming: I can't believe I wasted my money calling to  wish you a happy anything!)

- - - -

My sister, like myself has bought tons of Avon for years. I found out about the fantastic savings you get when you sign up with Avon. When people found out that I was selling  Avon, they said,"Oh your sister's so lucky! She'll be able to get great discounts through you!"

Anybody want a great Avon discount?

Auditions for role of sister start  Tuesday!

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